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How It Works

Our Process

  • With a focus on creative financing options, our experienced team excels in securing the necessary funds for a wide range of commercial real estate ventures.

    Our commitment to fostering long-term relationships and delivering outstanding results sets us apart as a premier commercial real estate mortgage broker.

    Partner with Abacus North for innovative mortgage banking solutions that drive the success of your projects.

  • During this stage, our experienced team will assist you in collecting and organizing all necessary documents. Our underwriting experts will carefully review your financial information to ensure we have a complete and accurate picture of your situation.

  • Once we have a clear understanding of your financial position, we formulate a customized financing strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that complements the unique aspects of your commercial real estate venture.

  • We take a deliberate approach to choosing the right lenders for your unique situation. Rather than using a shotgun approach, we carefully select 2-3 lenders whose terms and conditions are optimal for your project. We believe in the power of targeted pitches to ensure alignment with the right lenders who understand and support your project's vision.

  • Upon receiving term sheets and LOIs, we'll guide you in choosing the lending partner that best suits your needs. Once a lending partner is selected, we work closely with you to complete the remaining due diligence steps to ensure a smooth and successful financing arrangement.

  • Once your financing is secured, our commitment to your success doesn't end. We understand that effective loan management is crucial for long-term financial stability. Our team will work with you to ensure your loan remains in alignment with your evolving needs and objectives.

    For construction loans, we collaborate closely with Quantity Surveyors to provide detailed progress reports and cost assessments. Our team will assist you in working on the QS report, ensuring that it accurately reflects the progress of your construction project.

  • At Abacus North Capital, we believe in celebrating milestones and achievements with our clients. Your successful financing journey deserves recognition. Whether you've completed a commercial real estate development, secured financing for a new property, or achieved any other significant milestone, we're here to join in your celebration and mark this momentous achievement! 

    We take pride in your success, and we consider your achievements as our own. After all the hard work and dedication that went into securing your financing, it's time to mark the occasion and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We're here to join in your joy and celebrate this significant moment in your financial journey.

Why Choose Us?

Abacus Difference

The mortgage industry is crowded, but our independent entity offers a fresh approach.


Due to our exclusive lender relationships, ANC works with five groups that have given us exclusivity to originate and underwrite loans on their behalf. This unique arrangement provides a distinct source of capital outside of the traditional network. These groups offer stand-in mortgages, mezzanine loans, bridge loans, and other structured loan solutions.

Exclusive Lender Relationships


From land acquisition loans to construction financing for large-scale developments, income-producing properties, and single-purpose facilities, Abacus North is equipped to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Comprehensive Financing Solutions


With a portfolio spanning high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise condominiums, townhouse developments, shopping centers, agricultural properties, and industrial developments, we have established ourselves as trusted experts in the industry.

Diverse Portfolio Expertise


We act as your partner "every step of the way" and provide investment banking expertise to the mortgage industry, which includes project proforma, cash flow management, and optimizing the capital stack.

Our Approach: Partnering Every Step of the Way


What We Offer

Our Services

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we're there for you from the initial consultation to the ongoing management of your loan, whether it's a construction project or any other financial endeavor. Your satisfaction and financial success are our top priorities.


Let's Discuss Your
Mortgage Needs Together

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