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Mortgage Banking, Engineered.

Cameray Garden is an apartment building located on the corner of Kingsway and Jersey Ave in Burnaby. Abacus North arranged financing to acquire 33 units. ANC structured an inter-alia 2nd demand collateral mortgage. The property consists of 101 strata units. The properties were purchased to be assembled and re-zoned for a high-rise development under the Metrotown Downtown Plan OCP.

3925 Kingsway & 5715 Jersey Avenue, Burnaby BC

Cameray Gardens

Abacus North arranged the funds to provide the first mortgage financing to acquire the site. A land assembly of 3 lots to develop a 80 - 90 unit townhouse development.

12453 & 12463 105 Avenue, Surrey BC

12409 104 Avenue

Abacus North Capital provided the capital in the acquisition of residential holding property, that is 8.98acres in size, for a future development site located within the West Clayton neighbourhood of Cloverdale BC. The land was zoned A-1 (General Agriculture Zone) but was designated in the OCP for Urban use. The loan was funded in US Dollars.

Surrey BC

18535 75 Avenue

The Synchro is a 5 storey mixed use building consisting of 29 residential units plus 4 commercial units. The land size is 8712 Sq Ft with Floor size of 28,488 Sq Ft. This site was located at the intersection of Broadway and Kingsway and close to public transit. Abacus North Capital provided the loan to finance the development, construction and marketing of the project.

377 East Broadway, Vancouver BC

The Synchro

Our Projects

The Flats on Galt Street is a rental building consisting of 28 units. The building is located on 12,011 Sq Ft of land with a floor size of 26,424 Sq Ft. The 28 units are broken down to 27 two bedroom units and 1 three bedroom unit with a 20 car underground car park. Abacus North Capital financed the acquisition, development, construction and marketing of the project.

2312 Galt Street, Vancouver BC

The Flats

Abacus North Provided the financing to acquire a residential holding property for future development in the Anniedale-Tynehead neighbourhood of Surrey BC. The land consists of 7.85 acres and is designated for townhouse development as per the Neighbourhood Concept Plan. The loan was structured as an inter-alia 1st mortgage loan with another property the borrowers owned outright.

Surrey BC

17982 92 Avenue

City Lights

After acting as a traditional mortgage banking firm for numerous years, Abacus North has expanded its business to provide unique financing solutions from our dedicated pool of direct capital. Traditional capital providers focus on set formulas based on the type of property and stage of development. Our unique perspective focuses on creating financing solutions based on the economics of the project.

After operating as a conventional mortgage banking firm for several years, Abacus North has broadened its business to offer distinctive financing solutions from our dedicated pool of direct capital. Traditional capital providers typically rely on established formulas tied to property type and development stage. In contrast, our distinctive approach centers on crafting financing solutions tailored to the project's economic dynamics. 

Types of loans include: 

  • Term Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Acquisition Loans

  • Portfolio Loans

  • Land/ Pre-Development Loans

  • Convertible Loans, subordinated to Senior Lenders

Direct Lending

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