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Mortgage Banking, Engineered.

City Lights

Specializing in providing tailored mortgage banking solutions for complex projects.

Mortgage Banking, Engineered.

With a focus on creative financing options, our experienced team excels in securing the necessary funds for a wide range of commercial real estate ventures.

Our commitment to fostering long-term relationships and delivering outstanding results sets us apart as a premier commercial real estate mortgage broker.

Partner with Abacus North for innovative mortgage banking solutions that drive the success of your projects.

Strategy Based Financing 

Abacus North empowers clients by providing flexible financing options and facilitating the realization of diverse projects. Through successful syndication efforts, we've effectively orchestrated financing solutions by leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge. With a track record of financing numerous projects, our largest loan to date stands at $400,000,000.

Due to our exclusive lender relationships, ANC works with five groups that have given us exclusivity to originate and underwrite loans on their behalf thereby providing a unique source of capital outside of the traditional network. These group provide stand in mortgages, mezzanine loans, bridge loans and other structured loan solutions. 

From land acquisition loans to construction financing for large-scale developments, income-producing properties, and single-purpose facilities, Abacus North is equipped to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

With a portfolio spanning high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise condominiums, townhouse developments, shopping centers, agricultural properties, and industrial developments, we have established ourselves as trusted experts in the industry.

Our approach -- we act as your partner "every step of the way" 

and provide investment banking expertise to the mortgage industry which includes project proformas, cash flow managements and optimizing the capital stack. 

About Us

Featured Projects

The mortgage industry is crowded and our business stands out as an independent entity with a fresh approach.

  • Founded by a former banker (HSBC and BMO) with a valuable lender-centric perspective.

  • Proficient in syndicated solutions, effectively coordinating senior banks, pension funds, deposit insurance providers, mezzanine lenders, and equity investors.

  • A hybrid lender/mortgage banking provider with access to in-house funds, enabling us to bridge potential funding gaps.

  • Committed to long-term client engagement, actively involved in monthly draws and dedicated to multi-year projects at every stage of development (including land acquisition, rezoning, pre-sales, and construction).

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