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Abacus North specializes in mortgage banking solutions for complex projects. In addition to providing financing solutions in a traditional mortgage brokerage capacity, Abacus North provides direct loans that range from $2,000,000 to $25,000,000. On a syndicated basis, we have provided financing solutions up to $300,000,000. In most cases our in-house capital can bridge financing gaps that traditional lenders are unable to service. We specialize in providing land acquisition loans, construction financing for large-scale developments, income producing properties and single purpose facilities. With a portfolio that includes high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise condominiums, townhouse developments, shopping centers, agricultural properties, industrial developments and medical marijuana facilities, Abacus North is at the forefront of creative mortgage banking solutions with a focus on fostering long-term relationships. 


We are a multifaceted organization that services domestic and international clients with their mortgage banking needs. Complex financing solutions require analytical thinking well beyond a typical mortgage broker relationship. As a result we focus on providing engineered solutions for our client. Our key differentiation strategy is that we assist clients in actively managing the capital stack in order to minimize borrowing costs while maximizing flexibility.

Featured Projects

The mortgage industry is crowded and we have built an independent business that is not anchored in existing formulas.

  • Founder is former banker (HSBC and BMO) and is able to bring a unique, lender-centric perspective.

  • Experienced with syndicated solutions that harmonize senior banks, pension funds, deposit insurance providers, mezzanine lenders and equity investors.

  • Hybrid lender/mortgage banking provider with access to in-house funds to bridge potential funding gaps.

  • Long-term engagement with clients that includes involvement with monthly draws and working on multi-year projects throughout every stage of the development (from land acquisition, rezoning, pre-sales to construction).

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